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Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine: Now Seeking Submissions

Musculoskeletal disorders continue to be the leading cause of disability in the United States.

Osteopathic Medicine was founded upon the principle of the musculoskeletal system as an essential component to maintaining human health. Encompassing the mechanical and connective tissues, this complex system not only provides the means for movement, but also interacts with most other organ systems to regulate and maintain health. Alterations in the system have systemic consequences impacting human health and well-being. Immobility can lead to sarcopenia, structural alterations, and potentially severe complications affecting the cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurologic systems, thus causing adverse psychological consequences. The aging process places a major stress on musculoskeletal health, leading to sarcopenia, osteoporosis, and degenerative arthritis. These alterations drive US health care utilization.

Manipulation of this system through manual techniques, exercise, regenerative and surgical techniques, and dietary and other lifestyle modifications may assist in the management of complex multisystem disorders such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders. Understanding how these disorders affect population health and how chronic diseases impact musculoskeletal health are key research questions for osteopathic medicine.

As the mission of the JAOA is to inform our readers of the evidence base for osteopathic medicine, we are launching a new section titled “Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine.” The purpose of this section will be to briefly but critically review and update the contemporary research focused on the musculoskeletal system’s relationship to health and disease and generate hypotheses for future research needed in the field.

Submissions in this section should briefly but critically review and update the contemporary research focused on the musculoskeletal system’s relationship to health and disease and generate hypotheses for future research needed in the field. Submissions should introduce the problem or clinical question (1-2 paragraphs); discuss what is already known and the state of the current research on the question (1-2 paragraphs); assess the recent literature, pointing out limitations and the need for further research in the field (3-5 paragraphs); and provide a definitive conclusion as to the meaning of the articles reviewed and future directions. Authors must translate the evidence so that it is relevant to clinicians. Submissions are limited to 1500 words and 20 references.


Student Peer Reviewers Wanted

The JAOA recognizes the importance of engaging students in scholarly activity at an early stage. To assist in this process, the JAOA is opening its peer review process to osteopathic medical students. Students who are interested should email with their CV, the name and email address of the mentor who has agreed to guide them in the peer review process, and any areas of interest.

Please note that student peer review applications are processed monthly in batches; thus, it may be a few weeks before an applicant is approved and receives additional information.


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Why should you submit your research, reviews, and other manuscripts and commentary to the JAOA? Here are our top 7 reasons:

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To learn more about manuscript requirements and guidelines, visit the JAOA's "Information for Authors" page.


[Updated March 2019]


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