Clinical Images  |   April 2016
Ileocecal Intussusception
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Clinical Images   |   April 2016
Ileocecal Intussusception
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, April 2016, Vol. 116, 268. doi:
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, April 2016, Vol. 116, 268. doi:
A 68-year-old man with a history of Clostridium difficile colitis presented to the emergency department with recurrent abdominal pain and sudden-onset abdominal distension and vomiting. Physical examination revealed that the abdomen was soft, distended, and tender with hypoactive bowel sounds. A computed tomographic scan of the abdomen and pelvis (image A and image B) revealed an obstruction due to intussusception of the ileum into the cecum. The small bowel was diffusely distended. During a surgical procedure to remove the obstruction, an ileocecal intussusception was confirmed and a right hemicolectomy was performed. Histologic findings revealed acute ulcerative and pseudomembranous colitis with massive submucosal edema. The patient had an unremarkable recovery. 
Intussusception is a rare cause of bowel obstruction in adults. Most cases are associated with a pathologic lead point, such as a mass, which is often malignant.1,2 The radiologic diagnosis is established by identifying bowel within bowel that demonstrates mesenteric fat and vessels within the intussuscipiens.3 Management of ileocecal intussusception requires surgical intervention. 
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