Editorial  |   October 2012
Introducing the JAOA's New Online Manuscript Tracking System
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Obstetrics and Gynecology
Editorial   |   October 2012
Introducing the JAOA's New Online Manuscript Tracking System
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, October 2012, Vol. 112, 653. doi:
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, October 2012, Vol. 112, 653. doi:
In the March 2012 issue of JAOA—The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, an editorial1 regarding the JAOA's Realignment Task Force described our goals. One of those goals was to focus more on promoting a culture of research in the osteopathic medical profession. In August, we published the first in a series of articles meant to help authors write research manuscripts.2,3 Through such avenues, we continue to become more competitive with allopathic medical journals and to be the profession's leading peer-reviewed osteopathic medical journal. 
As part of our ongoing journey, we are pleased to announce that the JAOA has transitioned to a Web-based manuscript tracking and peer review system at This move brings the JAOA's manuscript tracking system in line with systems at other top journals and allows us to better attract quality research and collect robust data that can help drive the future of The Journal and the profession. The submission and peer review processes will be easier than ever, with manuscripts moving through the processes much faster than before. These improvements will continue to shorten our peer review and publication times. 
Whereas manuscripts that are currently under review will continue to go through the manual process until final decision, all new manuscripts must now be submitted through the new online system, which is hosted by ScholarOne's Manuscript Central. Our submission process is designed to accommodate all categories of manuscripts, so authors may need to mark “NA” in some fields. 
After authors create their new user accounts with ScholarOne, they can check the status of their manuscripts and see all correspondence and manuscript files securely stored in one place. Authors will receive correspondence and e-mail reminders about revision due dates through this new system. Many e-mails will be automated and include hyperlinks to expedite responses. In the same vein, reviewers will receive invitations and can accept or decline a review request by clicking a hyperlink in the e-mail. Peer reviews will be completed through the system, and reminder e-mails will be automatically sent to tardy reviewers. 
All previous and current JAOA peer reviewers have received an e-mail advising them how to activate their ScholarOne accounts. We ask that users update their contact information and areas of expertise. By doing so, oversight editors can easily search and identify reviewers who have expertise related to the topic of each manuscript. 
This online system is a significant step forward for the JAOA, and we are certainly excited. We hope that users will find this system much more efficient and transparent. For more information on preparing submissions, authors should refer to the JAOA's “Information for Authors,” which is available at You can view video tutorials and instructions for the system on ScholarOne's Web site at If you experience any problems with or have questions about the new system, contact JAOA staff at (800) 621-1773, extension 8166, or at 
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