Special Communication  |   January 2012
JAOA Peer Reviewers, 2011
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Special Communication   |   January 2012
JAOA Peer Reviewers, 2011
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, January 2012, Vol. 112, 64-65. doi:
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, January 2012, Vol. 112, 64-65. doi:
The consultants in the following list reviewed manuscripts submitted for publication in JAOA—The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association during the previous calendar year. As noted, the names of reviewers who have joined The Journal's peer reviewer roster since the JAOA first started tracking reviewers in 2003 are indicated with an asterisk (*). 
The JAOA's editor in chief, associate editors, and staff acknowledge and thank the following experts for their dedication to the osteopathic medical profession as evidenced through their efforts to ensure the scientific validity and clinical usefulness of the JAOA, the premiere scholarly publication of the osteopathic medical profession. 
Physicians, faculty members, and others within the health care professions who are interested in reviewing manuscripts for the JAOA are encouraged to visit for more information. 

The Journal is proud to recognize those dedicated professionals who, as of December 31, 2011, have served as JAOA peer reviewers for 5 consecutive years or more. Thank you to the following individuals who are helping move the JAOA from “good to great”:  

    Raymond J. Hruby, DO
    Paul M. Krueger, DO
    Thomas A. Cavalieri, DO
    Jeffrey S. Freeman, DO
    David A. Baron, DO, MSED
    R. Gregory Lande, DO
    Ronald V. Marino, DO, MPH
    Hollis H. King, DO, PhD
    Donald G. Spaeth, DO, PhD
    Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH
    Mark Edward Gittins, DO
    Tyler C. Cymet, DO
    Dennis J. Dowling, DO, MA
    Helen H. Baker, PhD, MBA
    Frederick J. Goldstein, PhD

Erik Austin, DO, MPH, del Mar, California 
Helen H. Baker, PhD, MBA, Lewisburg, West Virginia 
Edward P. Balaban, DO, Wexford, Pennsylvania 
Andrew R. Barnosky, DO, MPH, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
David A. Baron, DO, MSED, Los Angeles, California 
James Beegan, MD* 
Murray R. Berkowitz, DO, MPH,* Lawrenceville, Georgia 
James D. Bernard, DO,* Saint Augustine, Florida 
Allen J. Blaivas, DO, Passaic, New Jersey 
Per Gunnar Brolinson, DO, Blacksburg, Virginia 
William Brooks, DO, Kansas City, Missouri 
Roberto Cardarelli, DO, MPH, Aledo, Texas 
Kym M. Carpentieri, DO,* West Sayville, New York 
Jane E. Carreiro, DO,* Biddeford, Maine 
Thomas A. Cavalieri, DO, Stratford, New Jersey 
Millicent King Channell, DO, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Humayun Chaudhry, DO, Euless, Texas 
Anthony G. Chila, DO, Athens, Ohio 
Robert J. Chilton, DO, San Antonio, Texas 
David Chim, DO,* San Marino, California 
Michael B. Clearfield, DO, Vallejo, California 
Michael A. Cook, DO, MBA, Staten Island, New York 
Peter Curka, DO, Houston, Texas 
Tyler C. Cymet, DO, Chevy Chase, Maryland 
Hilda M. DeGaetano, DO,* Weston, Florida 
Brian F. Degenhardt, DO, Kirksville, Missouri 
Eugene L. Della Badia, Jr, DO, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 
COL Richard Todd Dombroski, DO,* Springfield, Virginia 
Yolanda Doss,* Chicago, Illinois 
Dennis J. Dowling, DO, Syosset, New York 
David C. Eland, DO, Athens, Ohio 
Paul Evans, DO, Indianapolis, Indiana 
Jeffrey S. Freeman, DO, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Wolfgang G. Gilliar, DO,* Old Westbury, New York 
Mark Edward Gittins, DO, Columbus, Ohio 
Frederick J. Goldstein, PhD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Stanley E. Grogg, DO,* Tulsa, Oklahoma 
Peter G. Gulick, DO, East Lansing, Michigan 
Thomas A. Haffey, DO, Thornton, Colorado 
Brian H. Hallas, PhD, Old Westbury, New York 
Patrick Hardigan, PhD, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 
Kendi Lee Hensel, DO, Fort Worth, Texas 
Kari Hortos, DO,* Clinton Township, Michigan 
Raymond J. Hruby, DO, Pomona, California 
Frederick J. Humphrey II, DO, Royal Oak, Maryland 
Scott H. Isaacman, DO, JD, Fort Riley, Kansas 
Robin J. Jacobs, PhD,* Fort Lauderdale, Florida 
John A. Jerome, PhD,* Bath, Michigan 
Douglas J. Jorgensen, DO, Manchester, Maine 
Scott Kaatz, DO, MSc,* Detroit, Michigan 
Richard B. Kanoff, DO, Darby, Pennsylvania 
Mark K. Kauffman, DO,* Lake City, Pennsylvania 
Hollis H. King, DO, PhD, Madison, Wisconsin 
Milind J. Kothari, DO, Hershey, Pennsylvania 
Paul M. Krueger, DO, Strathmere, New Jersey 
R. Gregory Lande, DO, Silver Spring, Maryland 
Lawrence R. LeBeau, DO,* Gilbert, Arizona 
R. Paul Lee, DO,* Durango, Colorado 
Ronald J. Librizzi, DO, Voorhees, New Jersey 
John C. Licciardone, DO, MBA, Fort Worth, Texas 
L. Bing Liem, DO, San Jose, California 
Terri Lischka,* Chicago, Illinois 
Robert G. Locke, DO, Newark, Delaware 
Jed G. Magen, DO, East Lansing, Michigan 
Francesco T. Mangano, DO, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Ronald V. Marino, DO, MPH, Mineola, New York 
David C. Mason, DO,* Aledo, Texas 
Gary N. McAbee, DO, JD,* Medford, New Jersey 
Frederick G. Meoli, DO, Voorhees, New Jersey 
Natalie A. Nevins, DO,* Downey, California 
Donald Robert Noll, DO, Marlton, New Jersey 
Michael I. Opipari, DO, Shelby Township, Michigan 
Robert Orenstein, DO, Phoenix, Arizona 
MAJ Marguerite Persi, DO, PhD, MPH, Burke, Virginia 
M. Jay Porcelli, DO, MHPE,* Pomona, California 
Robert A. Promisloff, DO, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania 
Adam M. Ray, DO, Wexford, Pennsylvania 
Felix J. Rogers, DO, Trenton, Michigan 
Paul C. Rossi, DO, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 
David P. Russo, DO, MPH, Hood River, Oregon 
Adam Louis Schreiber, DO,* Sicklerville, New Jersey 
Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH, Chevy Chase, Maryland 
Jay H. Shubrook, Jr, DO, Athens, Ohio 
Gary J. Silverman, DO,* Scottsdale, Arizona 
Leonid Skorin, Jr, DO, OD,* Albert Lea, Minnesota 
Philip C. Slocum, DO, Kirksville, Missouri 
Donald G. Spaeth, DO, PhD, Alpena, Michigan 
Craig W. Spellman, DO, PhD, Odessa, Texas 
Paul R. Standley, PhD, Phoenix, Arizona 
Barbara L. Steinbrecher, DO,* Portland, Maine 
Kenneth J. Tobin, DO,* Commerce Township, Michigan 
Kenneth J. Veit, DO, MBA, Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania 
Michael T. Vest, DO, Wallingford, Connecticut 
Norman E. Vinn, DO, MBA, San Clemente, California 
Robert C. Ward, DO, East Lansing, Michigan 
Malcolm E. Williamson, DO,* Grosse Ile, Michigan 
Sandra Kay Willsie, DO, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 
Frank Winters, DO, Livonia, Michigan 
David L. Wolf, DO, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Patrick J. Woodman, DO, Indianapolis, Indiana 
William F. Wright, DO, MPH,* Baltimore, Maryland 
  *  Indicates new peer reviewer in 2011.