Special Communication  |   January 2011
JAOA Peer Reviewers, 2010
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Special Communication   |   January 2011
JAOA Peer Reviewers, 2010
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, January 2011, Vol. 111, 73-74. doi:
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, January 2011, Vol. 111, 73-74. doi:
The consultants in the following list reviewed manuscripts submitted for publication in JAOAThe Journal of the American Osteopathic Association during the previous calendar year. As noted, the names of reviewers who have joined The Journal's peer-reviewer roster since the JAOA first started tracking reviewers in 2003 are indicated with an asterisk (*). 
 *Indicates new peer reviewer in 2010.
The JAOA's editor in chief, associate editor, and staff acknowledge and thank the following experts for their dedication to the osteopathic medical profession as evidenced through their efforts to ensure the scientific validity and clinical usefulness of the JAOA, the premiere scholarly publication of the osteopathic medical profession. 
Physicians, faculty members, and others within the healthcare professions who are interested in reviewing manuscripts for the JAOA are encouraged to visit for more information. 

The Journal is proud to recognize those dedicated professionals who, as of 2010, have served as JAOA peer reviewers for 5 consecutive years or more. Thank you to the following individuals who are helping move the JAOA from “good to great”:


  • Helen H. Baker, PhD
  • David A. Baron, DO, MSED
  • Thomas A. Cavalieri, DO
  • Tyler C. Cymet, DO
  • Dennis J. Dowling, DO
  • Brian H. Foresman, DO
  • Frederick J. Goldstein, PhD
  • Raymond J. Hruby, DO
  • Hollis H. King, DO, PhD
  • Paul M. Krueger, DO
  • R. Gregory Lande, DO
  • Ronald V. Marino, DO, MPH
  • Michael A. Seffinger, DO
  • Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH

Thomas Wesley Allen, DO, MPH, Tulsa, Oklahoma 
Brian J. Balin, PhD*, Paoli, Pennsylvania 
Allen J. Blaivas, DO*, Passaic, New Jersey 
COL William Bograkos, DO*, Laurel, Maryland 
Per Gunnar Brolinson, DO*, Blacksburg, Virginia 
William Brooks, DO, Kansas City, Missouri 
Diane Burkhart, PhD, Chicago, Illinois 
Roberto Cardarelli, DO, MPH*, Aledo, Texas 
Millicent King Channell, DO, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Michael B. Clearfield, DO, Vallejo, California 
Michael A. Cook, DO, Staten Island, New York 
William Thomas Crow, DO*, Orlando, Florida 
Peter Curka, DO, Houston, Texas 
Tyler C. Cymet, DO, Chevy Chase, Maryland 
Brian F. Degenhardt, DO, Kirksville, Missouri 
Anthony H. Dekker, DO, Brighton, Michigan 
David D. Dyck, Jr, DO*, Independence, Missouri 
Wayne R. English, Jr, DO*, Burleson, Texas 
Nancy R. Foldvary, DO*, Richfield, Ohio 
Brian H. Foresman, DO, Zionsville, Indiana 
LTC Leslie S. Foster, DO*, Boyds, Maryland 
Marcel P. Fraix, DO*, Pomona, California 
Jeffrey S. Freeman, DO, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Mark Edward Gittins, DO, Columbus, Ohio 
Jason M. Golbin, DO*, Syosset, New York 
Frederick J. Goldstein, PhD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Marna Rayl Greenberg, DO*, Allentown, Pennsylvania 
Thomas A. Haffey, DO, Thornton, Colorado 
Brian H. Hallas, PhD, Old Westbury, New York 
Daniel Harber, DO, Dearborn Heights, Michigan 
Kurt P. Heinking, DO*, Downers Grove, Illinois 
Kendi Lee Hensel, DO, Fort Worth, Texas 
John N. Howell, PhD, Athens, Ohio 
Kenneth H. Johnson, DO*, Scarborough, Maine 
Nelson P. Kopyt, DO, Allentown, Pennsylvania 
Milind J. Kothari, DO, Hershey, Pennsylvania 
Raymond G. Lande, DO, Silver Spring, Maryland 
Rob Lavender, MD*, Little Rock, Arkansas 
Robert Lee, DO, Mineola, New York 
Frederick T. Lewis, DO, Weston, Florida 
Joy Helene Lewis, DO*, PhD, Jackson, Wyoming 
Ronald J. Librizzi, DO*, Voorhees, New Jersey 
Robert G. Locke, DO, Newark, Delaware 
Capt Paul A. Lucha, Jr, DO, Chesapeake, Virginia 
Gregg Lund, DO, Park City, Utah 
James Maciejko, PhD*, Royal Oak, Michigan 
John M. McPartland, DO, Middlebury, Vermont 
Konrad C. Miskowicz-Retz, PhD, Chicago, Illinois 
Howard S. Mitz, DO, Littleton, New Hampshire 
Eugene Mochan, DO, PhD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
John H. Morrison, Jr, DO*, Westland, Michigan 
Alexander S. Nicholas, DO*, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
George R. Nissan, DO, Chicago, Illinois 
Donald Robert Noll, DO, Marlton, New Jersey 
Scott J. Primack, DO, Littleton, Colorado 
Walter C. Prozialeck, PhD, Downers Grove, Illinois 
Joseph A. Puma, DO*, Manalapan, New Jersey 
Adam M. Ray, DO, Wexford, Pennsylvania 
Paul Ridker, MD, MPH*, Boston, Massachusetts 
Felix J. Rogers, DO, Trenton, Michigan 
Paul C. Rossi, DO*, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 
Eric L. Schneider, DO*, Fairbanks, Alaska 
Alan Bruce Schorr, DO, Langhorne, Pennsylvania 
Michael A. Seffinger, DO, Pomona, California 
Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH, Chevy Chase, Maryland 
Mehdi H. Shishehbor, DO*, Pepper Pike, Ohio 
James Simpkins, PhD*, Fort Worth, Texas 
Richard A. Smialek, DO*, Westerville, Ohio 
James A. Smith, DO*, Wichita, Kansas 
Donald G. Spaeth, DO, PhD, Alpena, Michigan 
Craig W. Spellman, DO, PhD, Odessa, Texas 
Kelly Anne Spratt, DO*, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Paul R. Standley, PhD, Phoenix, Arizona 
Karen M. Steele, DO, Lewisburg, West Virginia 
David J. Strobl, DO, Lansing, Michigan 
Michele Tartaglia, DO*, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 
Howard S. Teitelbaum, DO, PhD, MPH, Harrogate, Tennessee 
Lex C. Towns, PhD, Yakima, Washington 
John Triano, DC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
Michael J. Valle, DO*, Dayton, Ohio 
Michael T. Vest, DO, Wallingford, Connecticut 
David A. Wald, DO, Penn Valley, Pennsylvania 
Bethany A. Weaver, DO, Tampa, Florida 
Janette M. Willcox, DO, Blacksburg, Virginia 
Sandra Kay Willsie, DO, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 
Stuart A. Winston, DO*, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Frank Winters, DO, Livonia, Michigan 
David L. Wolf, DO, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Brian E. Wood, DO*, Troutville, Virginia 
Patrick J. Woodman, DO, Indianapolis, Indiana 
Sunita Yedavally, DO*, West Bloomfield, Michigan 
 Editor's Note: Information on editorial consultants' locations was taken from the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) database on January 3, 2011. The cities and states listed reflect members' preferred mailing addresses.
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