Books Received  |   December 2007
Books Received
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Books Received   |   December 2007
Books Received
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, December 2007, Vol. 107, 524. doi:
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, December 2007, Vol. 107, 524. doi:
7 Steps to Your Best Possible Health Care. Ruthann Russo, PhD, JD, MPH, RHIT. 430 pp, $24.95. ISBN 978-0-9799061-0-7. Bethlehem, Pa: DJ Iber Publishing; 2008. 
222 Secrets of Hiring, Managing, and Retaining Great Employees in Healthcare Practices.* Bob Levoy, OD. 322 pp, $49.95. ISBN 978-0-7637-3868-6. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers; 2007. 
 *Book review pending.
The American Heritage Medical Dictionary. Rev ed, 909 pp, $28.00. ISBN 978-0-618-82435-9. Boston, Mass: Houghton Mifflin Company; 2007. 
Clinical Application of Counterstrain.* Harmon L. Myers, DO. 186 pp, $109.95. ISBN 978-0-96336-581-1. Tuscon, Ariz: Osteopathic Press; 2006. 
Emergency Medicine: The Medical Student Survival Guide.* Kristin E. Harkin, MD, and Jeremy T. Cushman, MD (Eds). 280 pp, $25.95. ISBN 978-1-92985-404-2. Irving, Tex: Emergency Medical Residents' Association; 2007. 
Ending the Tobacco Holocaust: How Big Tobacco Affects Our Health, Pocketbook, and Political Freedom—And What We Can Do About It.* Michael Rabinoff, DO, PhD. 452 pp, $24.95. ISBN 978-1-60070-012-5. Santa Rosa, Calif: Elite Books; 2006. 
Essentials of Family Medicine. Philip D. Sloane, MD, MPH; Lisa M. Slatt, MEd; Mark H. Ebell, MD, Louis B. Jacques, MD; and Mindy A. Smith, MD. 5th ed, 816 pp, $49.95. ISBN 978-0-78178-188-6. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2007. 
Ethical Problems in Pediatrics: A Dozen Dilemmas.* Arnold Melnick, DO. 164 pp, $11.99. ISBN 978-1-42599-206-4. Bloomington, Ind: AuthorHouse; 2007. 
The History and Physical Examination Workbook: A Common Sense Approach.* Mark Kaufman, DO, and Michelle M. Roth-Kauffman, JD. 287 pp, $34.95. ISBN 978-0-76374-340-6. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers; 2006. 
Legal Larceny. Jill B. Vosler, DO. 330 pp, $19.95. ISBN 978-0-59539-304-6. Lincoln, Neb: iUniverse, Inc; 2007. 
Medical Writing 101: A Primer for Health Professionals. Arnold Melnick, DO. 91 pp, $10.99. ISBN 978-1-42591-281-9. Bloomington, Ind: Authorhouse; 2006. 
Osteopathic Medicine Recall.* Andrew D. Mosier, DO, and Dai Kohara, DO. 176 pp, $34.95. ISBN 978-0-78176-621-0. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2007. 
Osteoporosis. Robert Marcus, MD; David Feldman, MD; Dorothy A. Nelson, PhD; and Clifford J. Rosen, MD (Eds). 2016 pp, $320.00. ISBN 978-0-12370-544-0. Burlington, Mass: Elsevier Academic Press; 2008. 
Parenthood: Laugh and Understand Your Child.* Arnold Melnick, DO. 322 pp, $17.95. ISBN 978-1-42415-317-6. Baltimore, Md: PublishAmerica; 2006. 
The Perrin Technique. Raymond Perrin, DO, PhD. 128 pp, $29.99. ISBN 978-1-90514-012-1. London, England: Hammersmith Press Limited; 2007. 
 Dr Perrin published a study related to The Perrin Technique in the June 2007 issue of the JAOA: Perrin, R. Lymphatic Drainage of the Neuroaxis in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Hypothetical Model for the Cranial Rhythmic Impulse. J Am Osteopathic Assoc. 2007;107:218. Available at: Accessed December 7, 2007.
Primo Gastro: The Pocket GI/Liver Companion.* Jason M. Guardino, DO, MSEd. 315 pp, $44.95. ISBN 978-0-78177-944-9. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2008. 
The White House Physician: A History From Washington to George W. Bush.* Ludwig M. Deppisch, MD. 266 pp, $39.95. ISBN 978-0-78642-976-9. Jefferson, NC: McFarland; 2007. 
Recently Published
Clinically Relevant Electrocardiography: PQRST and U. William Schiavone, DO (Ed). 227 pp, $89.95. ISBN 978-1-55009-342-1. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: BC Decker Inc; 2006. 
Home-centered Health Care: The Populist Transformation of the American Health Care System.* Mike Magee, MD. 160 pp, $19.95. ISBN 978-1-88979-322-1. Woodbury, Conn: Spencer Books; 2007. 
Love & Sex: Are We Ever Too Old? Nieli Langer, PhD. 110 pp, $23.32. ISBN 978-1-41209-460-3. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada: Trafford Publishing; 2006. 
Mavericks of Medicine: Conversations on the Frontiers of Medical Research. David Jay Brown. 353 pp, $17.95. ISBN 978-1-89057-219-8. Petaluma, Calif: Smart Publications; 2007. 
Reconstructive Microsurgery: A New Conception. Doina Dumitrescu-Ionescu, PhD, MD. 352 pp, $28.95. ISBN 978-1-41965-013-0. Charleston, SC: Book-Surge; 2007. 
Sleep Away the Pounds: Optimize Your Sleep and Reset Your Metabolism for Maximum Weight Loss. Cherie Calbom, MS, and John Calbom, MA. 222 pp, $13.99. ISBN 978-0-44669-766-8. New York, NY: Wellness Central; 2007. 
Your Heart: Treat It Like You Love It. Gerry Maddoux, MD. 468 pp, $30.00. ISBN 978-0-9785436-4-8. Seattle, Wash: Sea Script Company; 2007. 
 JAOA—The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association has received copies of the following books as well as notifications of other recently published books.
 Readers are encouraged to submit copies or notifications of recently published books that they wish to be considered for review to the JAOA's offices. The JAOA is especially interested in books written by members of the osteopathic medical profession. All books sent to the JAOA should be related to the mission of the osteopathic medical profession and must have been published within the previous 2 years.
 Copies of books should be addressed to the JAOA's editorial assistant at 142 E Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60611-2864. Notifications of recently published books should be sent electronically to
 Physicians, faculty members, and others within the healthcare professions who are interested in serving as a book reviewer for the JAOA should send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae to JAOA Book Review Editor Frederick J. Goldstein, PhD, at Applicants should describe why they are interested in becoming a book reviewer for the JAOA and indicate their areas of interest and expertise.
 All book reviews are subject to the approval of the AOA editor in chief and are not guaranteed publication in the THE JOURNAL.