AOA Communication  |   April 2005
Quizzes in AOA Custom Publications Now Valid for 18 Months
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  • Carolyn Schierhorn
    Ms Schierhorn is assistant director of publications for The DO magazine.
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AOA Communication   |   April 2005
Quizzes in AOA Custom Publications Now Valid for 18 Months
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, April 2005, Vol. 105, 170. doi:
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, April 2005, Vol. 105, 170. doi:
During its midyear meeting in February, the American Osteopathic Association's (AOA's) Board of Trustees agreed to standardize the length of time DOs can earn continuing medical education credit for the AOA's custom publications. 
Effective retroactive to January 2004, CME quizzes are now valid for 18 months from the date AOA custom publications are distributed. Those publications include supplements to JAOA— The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, The Whole Patient supplements to The DO, the AOA's Women and Wellness newsletter, and the AOA Health Watch newsletter. 
Previously, DOs could earn CME from such publications from the date of publication until the end of the 3-year CME cycle in which the publications were published. Under the former protocol, the CME quiz in a custom publication published at the beginning of a CME cycle was valid for approximately 3 years, whereas a quiz in a publication published at the end of a cycle was valid for only a few months. 
“By standardizing the life span of CME quizzes in our custom publications, we are increasing the options DOs have for earning CME credits because the AOA is no longer inadvertently giving preferred treatment to those supplements published early in a CME cycle,” emphasizes AOA Editor in Chief Gilbert E. D'Alonzo, Jr, DO. “Our new protocol should also alleviate any confusion DOs may have had about the longevity of the CME quizzes in these publications.” 
No Longer Tied to CME Cycle
In the process of approving the new protocol, the AOA Board stipulated that CME credits earned from AOA custom publications apply toward the CME cycle in progress when DOs submit quizzes to the AOA. 
“Now, each quiz is valid for the CME cycle in which you take it, which may not be the same CME cycle in which the publication was printed. That streamlines the process for DOs tremendously,” adds Dr D'Alonzo, who is a professor of medicine in the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. 
Basics of CME Quizzes
Quizzes in the JAOA's supplements carry 2 hours of AOA Category 1-B credit, while quizzes in The Whole Patient carry 1 hour of Category 1-B. The type of CME osteopathic physicians can earn for completing quizzes in the Women and Wellness and the AOA Health Watch newsletters is currently pending. 
In addition to being able to take the quizzes in the hard-copy version of each custom publication, AOA members can take the quizzes on DO-Online, which is located at After logging into the password-protected portion of DO-Online, AOA members can find the quizzes by clicking on the link titled “CME & Continuing Education” on the left-hand navigation bar. 
The 18-month life span for CME quizzes does not currently apply to regular issues of the JAOA. But at its February meeting, the AOA Committee on Professional Publications recommended that the AOA soon adopt that standard for the JAOA too.