Promoting Your Research:
Guide for JAOA Authors

The JAOA encourages authors to actively promote their articles, whether through press releases, social media, or other outlets.


The following are some tips to getting your research recognized:

  • Reach out to the media relations team at your institution. They may be able to help craft a press release about your article and/or promote your research via social media.
  • Consider creating an account on Kudos, a free service for authors to promote their studies.
  • If your study does not draw a clear conclusion, offer key takeaways that put the research into context. Reporters and readers need to understand what findings might imply—but they don’t respond well to “more research is needed.”
  • Understand that a press release isn’t an abstract. It’s more of a high-level overview that focuses on what a study found, why it matters to a broad consumer audience, and how that finding may be used.
  • Consider sharing your research via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Promoting the Osteopathic Medical Profession

For those authors who choose to promote their studies, the JAOA asks that you reference that the article was published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association. Sometimes, promotional efforts will result in requests for interviews. Please let us know if you are contacted by media by e-mailing The AOA's media relations team can help you manage the interview and story.

In all cases, begin every media interaction by telling the reporter that you are a DO, if applicable, and explaining what that means.

Direct quotes are likely to be picked up, so ensure that osteopathic messaging is incorporated into any quotes provided.

[Updated December 8, 2015, ADL]


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