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This page features announcements related to the JAOA; opportunities for trainees, researchers, and others; and news related to the osteopathic medical profession.


Empathy in Medicine

"Empathy in Medicine" highlights and summarizes important contributions to the growing body of literature on teaching and measuring empathy in medical education and on the role of empathy in patient care and health outcomes. Authors of published articles dealing with any aspect of empathy are encouraged to submit their article and to include a brief summary of the results. To submit scientific reports for possible inclusion in this section, readers are encouraged to contact JAOA Section Editor Bruce Newton, PhD, at


Call for Papers: Still Relevant

In celebration of the life of Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO, the JAOA is launching a new section in January 2017 in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the death of the profession's founder. As the osteopathic medical profession navigates the enormous changes and challenges in practicing medicine, the life and words of Still and other historical osteopathic figures carry the guiding principles in defining osteopathic physicians.

Contributions to this section should be interesting historical vignettes with a brief discussion of how the topic is relevant to the future of health care. For example:

  • a brief analysis of a quote from Still
  • a discussion of a current health care issue through the lens of one of the founding principles of osteopathic medicine
  • a look back at osteopathic history and where we are today

Submissions should be 500 words with a maximum of 5 references. One photograph or figure may be included if relevant. All manuscripts are subject to the review and approval of the AOA editor in chief.


Submit to the JAOA

Why should you submit your research, reviews, and other manuscripts and commentary to the JAOA? Here are our top 7 reasons:

  1. We are a monthly, indexed, peer-reviewed medical journal focused on an integrative, comprehensive approach to health care.
  2. We are open to all specialties, with an emphasis on the tenets of osteopathic medicine.
  3. We are the home for osteopathic medical research.
  4. We offer unparalleled editing services to make your research and writing the best it can be.
  5. We offer a state-of-the art website for content, video, and social media.
  6. We offer professional media outreach to expand the influence of your research.
  7. We offer a large audience for your research, with 27,000+ receiving the print journal and 110,000+ receiving the electronic table of contents.

Submit online today at

To learn more about manuscript requirements and guidelines, visit the JAOA's "Information for Authors" page.


Go Paperless

If you are a member of the American Osteopathic Association and a primary care physician, did you know that you can choose to receive the JAOA online only?

Online-only members and subscribers receive all the benefits of the JAOA, including notifications of newly posted content and online access to the past 12 months of content, without the clutter that comes with the monthly print issues. The JAOA’s website ( has a fully responsive design that caters to mobile and tablet viewing, so you won’t miss a beat when viewing articles and supplemental videos from any of your Web-enabled devices.

To edit your JAOA preferences, contact Andrew Given at

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